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For the Birds!

Let’s just pretend that I haven’t painted anything in the past 3 months and that this cute little photo holder is the only picture I need to post. Deal? This cute little guy will stand up on it’s own and has three clothespins on the back to hold your favorite little pics! $30 and can be customized with a name and design.


Lions and Elephants, Oh My!

I did these three paintings for Annie's little friend, Mitchell to match his cute jungle-themed room. His name is on a 8" x 24" canvas ($50) and the two animals are on 12" x 12" ($50 each).

You can see in the picture below that Annie is a little partial to Mitchell over Jack in this picture. She was either trying to kiss him or pummel him here... we're not sure which! (Or else she just always rolls left, regardless of what is in her way!)



Two Monograms Are Better Than One!

I just did these 18" x 18" monogrammed canvases for twins Ainsley and Amelia to match their pink and green nursery. They're like a big version of my little bow holders! 18" x 18" canvases are $80.


I Heart Monograms!

I love monograms....on everything: baby bloomers, bags, bow holders, bows, onesies, dresses and WALLS!

I painted a script monogram on my best friend Jennie's daughter's nursery wall and her mother-in-law had the great idea to "frame" it with an old oval frame. My friend Dana saw Jennie's nursery and wanted to do something similar in her daughter's nursery, but we had to be creative since she doesn't live just down the street like Jennie does. So I found some LARGE carbon paper and was able to paint little Claire's monogram on the paper and then give it to Dana. She then traced the monogram onto the wall and then painted it and framed it. And I think it looks great! If you're interested in doing something like this on your walls, please let me know! I can do many different fonts and sizes and this option is cheap...only $10-$15 depending on the size and complexity!

And finally...at long last...my daughter Annie's monogram. LOTS of colors! A 3-set monogram like this (side canvases are 11" x 14" and center canvas is 16" x 20") would be $100 and can be done in a variety or colors and fonts.


New Home Signs

You thousands of faithful blog readers may remember that I painted some "home" signs about a year ago, and then I took them off my blog because I could never get them exactly as I wanted them and they took forever to complete! But I've had a couple people ask about them, so I wanted to find a way to create these signs and still enjoy the process. So, voila! This is an 11" x 14" wood plaque and can be customized with name, date and colors and come with metal hanging loops on the back for easy hanging.

These would make great wedding, anniversary or Christmas gifts and are $45!


Happy Birthday Wells!

This is an 8" x 24" canvas that's a more pastel version of the Homerun Harrison I did about a year ago. This is for Wells' first birthday from his parents, Dana and Chris. His mom was telling me that when he was born, they had everyone who came to the hospital sign a Louisville Slugger baseball bat that has his name on it and they're going to mount the bat next to the painting. Isn't that a great idea?


Let's Hear It For The Boys!

This is an 8" x 10" frame that holds a 4" x 6" picture.


Give Me An H! (Bow Holder)


Lucy Lu!

My friend Bethany just had (OK...she's almost 6 months old...I'm a little behind) a little girl named Lucy and I had so much fun creating this name plate for her girly girl room!


Polka Dots for Jackson

It's always fun to do a canvas for a little boy, since so much of what I do is for little girls! Here's an 11" x 14" I did for baby Jackson.


More Bow Holders!


Green Eggs and Ham

I love the bright bold primary colors in PB's new Dr. Seuss bedding collection. I know baby Will is going to have one cute room!


Pink for Ann Mason!

My blog friend Blake asked me to paint a canvas and bow holder for her soon-to-be-born daughter Ann Mason. (Isn't that the very cute name you wished you would have come up with?!?) This matches her PB bedding and I love all the PINK!


Sweet Caroline

Here's a canvas I completed right before Christmas to match a very cute bedding pattern with two of my favorite colors! This is a 12" x 24 canvas.


It's a Jungle Out There!

I am a LITTLE behind on the postings....I've been painting...just not posting. These are three 12" x 12" and a 20" x 8" paintings I did for some friends' coffee shop! Fun to play around with whimsical colors that might not always end up in a nursery together!


Everybody Loves Grandparents

Everyone loves grandparents...and needs gifts for them for Christmas! This can be customized in any color and are 8" x 10" with a 5" x 7" glass opening.


Girly Girls

For all the little girly girls you know, this is one great very PINK bow holder for all those pink bows!


Vandy Frames

This is a frame I did for some Vandy students recently. I can do any college name and corresponding colors!


Flower Power

This is an 18" x 18" canvas I did for a little girl who is getting a new "big girl" bedroom soon!



My blog titling is lacking some creativity today....this is an 11" x 14" canvas I painted to match baby Ellie's room!


Lady Bugs for Lilly

I did this name sign to match bedding from Babies R Us!


And More Frames

I'm posting these frames to give ideas of colors and designs!


Monogram Bow Holder


Addison's Frame


Name Plaques!

I used all my creativity up on the past two post titles! This is an approximately 12" x 4" wood name plaque (would vary based on the length of the name) and comes with a coordinating ribbon (bows for girls!) and is $20.


A (Eucalyptus) Tree Grows in Brooklyn

These Australian animals were done for baby Brooklyn, whose parents met and got engaged in Australia! For those of you like myself you aren't up on their native Australian animals, the one on the right is a Lorikeet Parrot.


Fences Make Good....Picture Frames

We had a broken piece of fence in our "backyard" (if you've seen it, you know why I put that in quotes), so I made a picture frame out of it for my best friend, Jennie, and her to-be-named little girl that's due in October. If you're interested in something like this, be aware that each one will be unique...and based on what kind of old wood I can find. (Or if I can knock down my neighbors' fences without them noticing.) Something like this would be $50 and could be personalized with a name and with specific colors.


Girly Birds

This is an 11" x 14" painting I just did for baby Molly to match her Pottery Barn "Penelope" bedding. It also tied in with some other artwork she had hanging up in her nursery.


More Frames

More frames....and yes, the Reese frame IS hanging from a faucet. I had to take melbelle on the road to the lake this past weekend and it was all I had to work with!


In the Jungle

Instead of lions sleeping, we hope Daisy will be sleeping in her stylish hot pink and zebra room! This is an 11" x 14" canvas and the zebra strips continue onto the sides of the canvas.


Homerun Harrison!

I had the pleasure of painting lots of art for little Harrison's room. This is an 8" x 24" canvas and the squares are 12" x 12" canvases...all have light blue and white stripes around the edge of the canvas. The baseball monogram plaque is an 8" wood circle and also has blue and white stripes on the edge. (These look like they have brown borders on them, but that's just the wall paint! The paint on the canvas goes all the way to the edge.)


Frames Make Great Gifts!

More frames! These are 8" square with a 3" opening with glass in the center. They can be customized with color, ribbon and a name or word at the bottom! These make great gifts and are $25 each.


Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

I got the opportunity to paint a 16" x 20" canvas for baby Frances' room and then a little sign to match the color scheme for the door. The scene matched the bunny toile swatch (the fabric will be on the bed), but the colors match the oh-so-cute blue, pink and yellow scheme on the windows and walls! Click on the image to view a larger version!



This 8"x 10" frame holds a 5" x 7" picture and has an easel back, but can also be hung on the wall. Also, please notice my reflection in the mirror! I'm concentrating really hard on not making this one a fuzzy picture like most of mine are :)


Another Bow Holder

I did this bow holder for cute little baby Ansley who has been patiently waiting on her bow holder for several months now. :) It's a 5" x 5" mini-canvas.


Wall Crosses

These 8" tall crosses make great baby gifts! They can be personalized with polka dot color and stripe color. (There are stripes along the sides.) You can also substitute a monogram for "Bless this child" if you'd like!

Click on the image to view larger!


Picture Frames

Here are a couple of picture frames I've done. These wood frames are 8" x 10" and hold 5" x 7" pictures. They can be customized with your choice of paint colors, ribbon color, and you can pick your own phrase, name or monogram to go on it as well.


Monogram for Addie Lane

This is a 12" x 12" monogram I did for baby Addie Lane!


Down Under

I did these three 12" x 12" canvases for my cousin's baby Spencer! (We're hoping he makes his entrance into this world in May...and not a day sooner!) The green backgrounds are all the same color, although they don't look like it from my pictures.



Here's a canvas I just did for my friend Julie's nursery to match her sports-themed bedding from Babies 'R Us. This is a 16" x 20" canvas.